The Domain Manager, provided within the Online Control Panel allows you to easily control numerous domain names from one spot. Additionally, it allows you to manage your domains within the same place you deal with your web site. Plus our Domain Manager comes loaded with the tools you’ll ever require to have 100% command over your domains.

Multiple Domain Supervision

Every one of your domain names in a single place

From the hot2host Online Control Panel, it’s possible to focus on various web sites and domains concurrently. hot2host’s Domain Manager makes it simple to control all the various popular features of your domains – WHOIS data, name servers, customized DNS records, domain locking, etc. Additionally you can park infinite number of domain names, direct domain names, trigger WHOIS Privacy Protection, and so on.

With only a click, you are able to maintain your sites’ files, databases, mailboxes, or look at your latest website stats.

Hepsia File Manager

DNS Records

Total DNS control

Through the Domain Manager interface, you are able to speedily change beneficial DNS records for domains, registered or transferred to your web hosting account. You will be able to promptly define unique: A, AAAA, MX, SRV, CNAME, TXT, etc. records, adjust them later on and also revert to the default values in case you are not satisfied with a certain modification.

At any moment, you may even register your very own name servers – dns1.your– and dns2.your– to improve your brand name acceptance among customers.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Parking

Park as much domain names as you would like

From the Online Control Panel, you can easily register attractive domain names and then park them on the internet until you populate them with website content or re–sell them to someone else at a good price. When you park a domain name, you can choose to divert your domain to a theme webpage (’Under Construction’ web page if you’re planning to make use of it for a site, additionally a "for sale" webpage for those who like to sell the domain) as well as to a fully functional web site.

You can maintain a domain name parked for as long as you need! From the Domain Manager, you are able to switch the ’parked’ status of domain and connect it with a web site with just a mouse click.

Hepsia File Manager

Domain Redirection

Fast domain redirection

You can certainly point a domain name to an alternative domain name because of the uncomplicated functionality in the hot2host Domain Manager. You may make redirections to simultaneously domain names hosted within your website hosting account and domain names found on outside servers. With just a click of the mouse, you are able to choose the domain name you want to redirect and afterwards indicate the website url of the host that you want it to lead to. To undo a re–direction, click on the ’Host Domain’ button and our system will quickly forward the domain name to your Linux cloud website hosting account.

You may need domain redirection to forward a number of domains to a single site. By way of example, if own a brand name (your–, you’ll be able to point all well–known domain name extensions to your key website (your–, your–, your–, your–, etc.) to guarantee that no individual takes the domain name and ’steals’ your web visitors.

Hepsia File Manager

Whois Privacy Protection

Protect your information from misuse

Every single domain name you register possesses your private information which are generally observable by the community. Since there is a chance that a person takes advantage of your data for spamming intentions, you could take a look at a WHOIS Privacy Protection solution. It is going to cover up all personal information from the public, so that if somebody constitutes a WHOIS lookup, they will simply discover common information rather then yourpersonal details.

But don’t be concerned, if an individual must have to make contact with you regarding your domain – all contact queries will still be delivered to your e–mail address.

Hepsia File Manager

SSL Certificates

Safe and sound your clients’ details

The easiest way to guarantee protection for the delicate details of your online clients is usually to install an SSL Certificate on your website. It is going to secure the link regarding the site visitors and your website, making sure that all of the sent info for example charge card data are maintained secure.

From your Domain Manager, it’s easy to obtain a brand new SSL certificate for your own web site. You may choose amongst 2 kinds of SSL Certificates – standard (for one site) plus Wildcard (for any hosts within a domain name).

Hepsia File Manager